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Wirth Furniture is a family owned business since 1946, spanning over three generations. Located at 515 Main Street in beautiful downtown Woodland, California, Wirth Furniture began as a Mercantile store and eventually became what it is today; a home interiors retail store that sells medium to high end furniture, flooring, upholstery, window coverings, and custom draperies all for a very good value.

Our History

Moved into 515 Main Street


The Wirth Family moved to this location and opened a mercantile.

Wirth Furniture store was established


Eldee Wirth and his wife established Wirth Furniture in January 1946

Second Generation Owner


Eldee's son, David, comes back from college to take over the family business. He and his wife, Kim, take the reigns and make it their own.

A Master Craftsman Joins the Team


Rueben Guerrero, Master Craftsman in upholstery and woodworking, joins Wirth Furniture. He has a steady following because of his attention to detail and expectation of excellence.

Third Generation Owner


David and Kim's son, Zach, comes on board as co-owner and Manager. Zach and his family make their home in Woodland.

Looking to the Future


The Wirth team is excited about the growth of Downtown Woodland; a newly renovated theatre, additional restaurants, and other retailers means a more foot traffic to Main Street.

Yrs at 515 Main St
Generation of Owners
Pillows Fluffed
Pieces of Furniture Moved

Our Team

David Wirth
Kim Wirth
Owner, Interior Designer
Zach Wirth
Owner & Manager
Rueben Guerrero
Master Craftsman, Upholstery & Woodworking