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Kim Wirth | Interior Design Services

Sometimes it’s hard to bring a vision to reality when it comes to your home’s interiors.  Connecting the spaces or organizing the layout of a room isn’t always easy.  Luckily, Wirth Furniture has an in-house design team headed by Kim Wirth.  Her specialty is helping you bring your vision to life by using her vast resources at Wirth Furniture, which is also a design center used by interior designers in the area.

Kim has enjoyed interior decorating since she was a teenager.  She’s built her career and clientele on her ability to listen to her client’s needs and executing a plan that meets both expectation and budget.  Kim has experience in all spaces from office complexes to single family homes and bed & breakfast to home offices…and much more.

Give Kim a call today at 530-662-0291.

Interior designers are welcome

We’re also a design center.  Many interior designers, architects, and contractors use our showroom to research and purchase materials, flooring, fabrics, upholstery and more. Stop by and utilize extensive library to create your client’s perfect space.